Seizing new opportunities in overseas markets, why has ivyco never "dropped the chain"?


  From the perspective of the development of the global office seating industry, traditional manufacturing powerhouses such as Europe and the United States have stronger control and discourse power in R&D design, channel layout, enterprise management, product quality, technical process, etc. due to their early start. Strong competitive advantage. However, the domestic office chair industry is also constantly transforming and upgrading. The epidemic has not changed the development momentum of office furniture, especially office chairs. Looking at the world, the comprehensive advantages of China's office furniture manufacturing industry are unparalleled.

  Take the ivyco seat as an example, the manufacturing background of 14 years of independent research and development and production gives it a unique first-mover advantage. The concept product of "Human Spine Engineering Design" proposed for the first time emphasizes the coordination relationship of "people-seat-use scene", and brings product design into the actual living environment. What ivyco provides is not so much an office chair product as it is to provide users with a high-quality sitting and enjoying space experience.

Seizing new opportunities in overseas markets

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